Custom made zipped, padded and hardened sides leather book cover. 

Very good protection for your book. It will stop it from wearing out and getting damaged.

You may choose from 6 different leather colours. The colours will vary from hide to hide and the picture of the different leather colours are there only as a guide.

Do not forget to message the "exact" dimensions of your book. That is the width, height and depth of it to the nearest mm (inches ok if preferred).  If you hesitate in between two different measurements, alway pick the bigger one. Do not rely on website measurements of a book as they are rarely correct.

Please remember that you are responsible for giving me the right measurements and that I cannot be made responsible for other people's mistakes.

To select the correct size for your missal cover, measure its width + depth. Height must be 20 cm or under unless stated otherwise.
-  Small: 12.5 cm and under
- Medium: Over 12.5 cm and up to 17.5 cm
- Large: Over 17.5 cm and up to 21 cm; up to 22 cm in height
- X-Large:  Over 21 cm and up to 24 cm; up to 22 cm in height
- Anything over those measurements, please ask 

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Zipped and padded cover

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