These wonderful rosary meditations by Fr.Mateo Crawley, the apostle of the Sacred Heart, were last published in 1951 and had got lost and forgotten in the depths of a seminary library.

Fr. Crawley was instrumental in spreading the devotion to the Sacred Heart throughout the world until he died in 1960.

During his life, he gave many talks and conferences and wrote meditation books like the  24 Holy Hours and Rosary Meditations.

The Rosary Meditations had been lost for many decades and took a long time to track down a copy to be able to copy and print again for everyone to enjoy but here it is at last!

Each mystery has 4 or 5 pages dedicated to it. The text has been spaced so as to make it is easy to follow.  There are many illustrations throughout to help pray and inspire. All the text is the exact copy of its original as found in the 1951 version.


- 110 pages

- 34 images

- 250 grams (0.55 pound)

- Introduction

- Joyful Mysteries

- Sorrowful Mysteries

- Glorious Mysteries

- A 5 booklet  (8.3' x 5.8')

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Rosary Meditations by Fr. Mateo Crawley

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