Beautiful bespoke hand made missal covers and other articles, made by a traditional Catholic family.

As a family, we have always found it very difficult or nearly impossible to find missal covers which fit the missals we have been purchasing over the years. Given that the missals can be quite expensive in the first place and that we would like them to last a lifetime,  it only made sense to try to protect them from getting damaged.

Children can be quite careless in the way that they care (or don't) for their missals and it seemed a shame to use a more beautiful and expensive leather when you knew this would not be appreciated. So, after some thought, we started making leather covers for the older children and adults, and leatherette ones for the younger members of the family.

Looking around, it was obvious that many people were also having the same difficulties. So what was once a personal project turned into a professional endeavour.

This website is the product of our experience and we hope you will be pleased with the results.  As each individual missal cover is made to order, it gives us great flexibility to adapt to your needs but if we are given the wrong measurements, the cover will not fit!

As clients have asked us for other products, we have over time extended the array  available. If you are looking for something specific and cannot find it anywhere, send us an email, we are always happy to help if at all possible.