Envelope style Leatherette Missal cover

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Envelope Style Leatherette Cover

Ideal for children's missals, it is tough, durable and easily wiped clean. We have chosen the most durable leatherette we could find for those, to give you the best possible quality.

This leatherette missal cover is made to fit your particular missal with the colour of your choice and closes with a snap popper.

Practically every existing missal has a different size, so I have grouped them in three categories.

To find out in which category yours falls under, measure the width + depth :

- Small: 12.5 cm and under.

- Medium: over 12.5 cm and up to 17.5 cm. Up to 20 cm in height.

- Large: over 17.6 cm and up to 21 cm. Up to 22 cm in height.

To make your cover, I will need the exact measurements of the book of your choice. That is the width, height and depth of it (see last picture) If you hesitate in between two different measurements, alway pick the bigger one.

Measurements taken from websites are often inaccurate, so please do not rely on them and take your own. 

Please bear in mind that if you give me the wrong measurements, the cover will not fit. I cannot be made responsible for this.

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