Altar Missal Replacement Ribbons

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Altar Missal Replacement Ribbons

The ribbon marker easily inserts into and securely fits into the missal’s spine (see picture) and there is a choice of three different lengths.

- 30 cm (11.7")

- 35 cm ( 13.7")

- 40 cm (15.7")

The thin leather tab will be the width you would choose from the options offered and 8 cm long (3 inches). To choose the appropriate tab width, measure the spine of the book and choose a tab at least 1/2 cm smaller than it. 

Each tab will have 6 ribbons attached. If you require specific ribbon colours, please enquire.

The ribbons are cut with a hot knife so as to melt the ends rather than cut them to avoid fraying which will make them last longer.

If you have any other requirements, just send me a message.

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