Embossed leather cover/heirloom cover

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If you have a heirloom missal/bible/book that you would like a special leather covers for, this is it!

The leather used for this cover is special tooling leather which lets itself to carving/embossing and is then dyed. The cross on the front of the cover is carefully hand carved/tooled as well as the pattern on the back cover. If you would prefer a particular colour for your cover, please let me know. I make them in brown as default. This cover is a labor of love and skill and takes many, many hours to create and will be unique to you as every piece is different.

Production time: 3 to 4 weeks, often much less, depending on orders.

All I need is the precise measurements of your book, that is the width, height and depth of it, to the nearest mm (If you prefer inches, that's fine too but be very accurate).  If you hesitate in between two different measurements, alway pick the bigger one.

Please remember that you are responsible for giving me the right measurements and that I cannot be made responsible for other people's mistakes.

If you have a different design in mind, email me at leathermissalcovers@gmail.com to discuss it.

If you are not fully satisfied with this cover, upon return of it, you will get a full refund (minus postage).

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