Rosary Meditations by Fr. Mateo Crawley

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Father Mateo Crawley,the author of this book, was a Peruvian/English priest who, in the first part of the 20th century, became the “Apostle of the Sacred Heart”.

He always wanted to go to Paray le Monial, site of Our Lord's apparitions to St Margaret Mary, his favorite Saint. He was sent there by his superior and as he was praying in the sanctuary on August 24, 1907, he suddenly felt his whole being strangely moved, and not only did he find himself cured and ready to undertake his apostolic campaign, but he also clearly saw the methodical plan of the work he was to do for the Christian regeneration of families and society. He determined to take up the work outlined by St. Margaret-Mary, to organise the practice of the Enthronement, and in a crusade of love truly worldwide, to make the Heart of Jesus the King of the family, and thus extend His reign over the entire world.

He spent the next 40 years giving conferences, retreats, talks, sermons etc.. all over the world. He also wrote many books to help people pray and meditate for Holy Hours and for the Rosary and was a major influence in spreading the devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Enthronement in the home.

This new edition of his Rosary Meditations is the exact copy of the 1951 version, as Father Mateo wrote it. It is written in a dialogue format which anyone, used to meditate or not, can easily follow.

Perfect to increase your devotion for the Rosary.

Each mystery has 4 or 5 pages dedicated to it. The text has been spaced so as to make it is easy to follow.  There are many illustrations throughout to help pray and inspire. 


- 110 pages

- 34 images

- 250 grams (0.55 pound)

- Introduction

- Joyful Mysteries

- Sorrowful Mysteries

- Glorious Mysteries

- A 5 booklet  (8.3' x 5.8')

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