About us

From busy Mum to busy business

As a mum of 11 children, I have always found it very difficult or nearly impossible to find missal covers which fit the missals we have been purchasing over the years. I never knew there were so many different size missals out there! Given that the missals can be quite expensive in the first place and that we would like them to last a lifetime, it only made sense to try to protect them from getting damaged. The casual find of a good missal cover when visiting family prompted me to research leathers, leather merchants and all things leather. After a few failed attempts and after making covers for family and friends, this business started to blossom.

Children can be quite careless in the way that they care (or don’t) for their missals and it seemed a shame to use a more beautiful and expensive leather when you knew this would not be appreciated. So, after some thought, I started making leather covers for the older children and adults, and leatherette ones for the younger members of the family. The purchase of an embroidery machine opened up another string of possibilities and the many suggestions from customers made this business venture what it is today.

Two of my older children have now joined me to be able to keep up with demand and we are looking forward to make products that you will love for years to come.